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entranceForemost Construction Incorporated has been building a reputation in the custom home and renovation market, for quality workmanship and excellent communication in every aspect of the building process.

Joseph Morra, the owner of Foremost Construction, is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. He has more than 20 year’s experience in both Commercial and Residential Construction. His knowledge and wisdom have been a great help to many clients as he is able to offer solutions to many obstacles that arise during the construction process and alternatives to clients in order to satisfy their requirements.

Our focus has always been on quality, a philosophy that underpins all aspects of any construction process; From the initial design and commencement of a project, to the choice of materials and the care taken in construction and finishes, you can be sure that Foremost Construction are second to none.

We understand that every building project is unique. At Foremost Construction, we go to great lengths to ensure that our client’s vision will be fulfilled to quality standards that will not only meet expectations but exceed them. We specialize in New Home Construction, Renovations and Commercial projects in Oakville, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

When you partner with Foremost Construction we promise to:

  • provide expert advice and guidance through all steps of the process.
  • build upon your vision and needs.
  • approach your project with passion and drive.
  • draw upon our extensive experience to create a home that reflects our high standards.

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joe2Joseph Morra
Foremost Construction Incorporated
Cell: 416-904-9780



• 20 plus custom homes in the GTA, Oakville and Mississauga
• Flexible Costing, transparent budgets
• 23 years building experience
• Dedicated Client software to track all project information and communication 24/7
• Licensed and Insured
• Excellent record working with local officials
• Only deals with sub-trades and suppliers with same commitment to quality
• Personally supervises day-to-day construction

Why work with Foremost Construction on your next custom home or renovation project?

As an Architect or Designer, you have studied and appreciate the art, science and engineering aspects of designing a home or renovation, and as a builder, Foremost Construction has studied and appreciates the art, science and engineering of building them.  With 23 years experience building and renovating houses, we’ve had the privilege of working with many talented architects and home designers.  While the majority of these relationships have gone well, on a few occasions it has not worked well.


Collaborative Planning

There has been a trend towards builders offering home design as part of their services and alsovice-versa for Architects and Designers to offer building services.  Most think that this is due to the desire to add revenue to the process, but that is not the case.  The primary reason builders get into design is to prevent revenue loss from discrepancies between design parameters and on-site realities.


Working  together to achieve better budget accuracy

Often when builders bids come in, the price is higher than the clients and the Architects expectations.  That’s because builders are pricing relative material and labour every day, whereas most architects are not.  By working with us at the design phase, we ensure that value engineering exercises are factored into the design so that the final drawings are achievable within the pre-determined budget.  When this happens, the building stays on schedule, the Architect- builder relationship works more smoothly and the client’s expectations are realizable with fewer cost over-runs.


Creative Problem Solving

It doesn’t matter how much planning is done, it is inevitable that an issue will arise that will require a solution.
Joseph Morra and his crew are highly experienced and are able to creatively offer many alternative solutions
to any problem or situation in order to save time and money and not compromise quality and integrity.


Commitment to a higher standard of quality

We have a saying on our job sites:  “because Quality never goes out of style”.  This reminds us that throughout the process, all facets of the project, from the initial design to the finished product, all must adhere to quality standards that will endure the test of time.   “Good enough”, is just not good enough for our sites as no job is finished until the final result is exactly as envisioned.

If you are a residential architect, home designer, interior designer or landscape designer who adheres to a higher standard of quality, we’d love to hear from you.


lot2Choosing the Site for Your Custom Home

Wondering if the site you are looking at is where you should build your dream home?  A builders perspective can help you avoid future issues.  Using a Real Estate Agent to find a home site is better than doing it yourself, but using a local builder familiar with the nuances of building in the area, like Joseph Morra, gives you the added benefit of his experience.  Joseph will be able to advise you if the lot you are interested in has any regulatory restrictions that might impact the time it takes to get approval and the size of a proposed build,  how the lot direction, grading and mature trees will impact the light into the house and future landscaping endeavors.   A professional builder like Joseph Morra can alleviate the guesswork in selecting a lot and save you expensive headaches down the road.


Reduce Risks and Save Time

Once a site is selected for your future home, you’ll need to contract a variety of trades to provide more in depth information in order to set the groundwork for the ultimate house design.  In addition to visiting with the local municipal offices to determine, zoning designation, setbacks and easements, you’ll also want to have the soil condition tested for stability, drainage and water table levels.  You may also need to have a topographical survey completed and integrated into the final site plan as well as having an arborist report drafted to determine the current health and potential impact on the property and neighbouring trees.   Foremost Construction can manage all of these connections for you giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.