Questions & Answers

A lot of questions arise from both Custom home building and renovating.

We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked from our clients.



Yes, we work on many types of renovation projects such as bathroom, kitchen and basement renovations. We also do a number of additions and whole house renovations as well. The size of the project is not relevant to us, but the intention is. We prioritize out projects based on the client and/or designers desire for quality, detail and craftsmanship. If you have an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are flexible in our approach to your job. Some clients prefer to get a fixed rate budget at the beginning of a project so that they know what the overall cost will be, while others perfer a cost-plus approach that itemizes every expense and clearly states our markup. Regardless of the approach, the most important thinkg to remember is to plan the project in detail so that there are no surprises along the way. We can help you do that.

Although this is the most common question, we have yet to determine an exact answer to it. Perhaps that is because there are so many variances in the level and quality of the items that can go into the similar sized custom homes. Custom home pricing mainly varies on the quality of the items rather than on the profit of the builder. When clients receive widely varying quotations for the same project this is usually due to the fact that the scope of work is not detailed enough. It then becomes very difficult for the clients to compare apples to oranges and rarely is the case that they get the same quality of products as detailed in a higher quotation for the lower quoted price. After all, all builders are in the business of making a living.

Yes, we offer a home site selection service. We work with many Real Estate Agents in our area and together we can advise you on the potential and/or pitfalls of certain sites.

The best thing to remember with planning is to reflect on your priorities. I advise all clients to prepare and utilize idea books from websites like or magazines so that you are able to best communicate your ideas to whichever Architect, Builder, Interior designer or Landscape architect you are working with. Utilize the experience of the people you are working with to aid in your decisions as it’s much less expensive to make changes during this phase of the process than during building. Depending on your level of comfort with the process, I suggest to get some colour drawings done, 3D renderings, or even a scale model if you want to interact with the final design.

Unless you are a design professional, we recommend you hire an architect or a home designer for your project. Architects may have a reputation, style or aesthetic that you are seeking for your home. They understand the current building code and engineering requirements and will also detail interior finishes as well. Home Designers range from simply offering concept drawings to also providing as much detail as you will require. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Most important is that you feel comfortable and are confident that you can trust the person you are talking to and they really listen to what you want.

We support it. We are very detailed in our approach to bidding and attempt to clarify as much of the process as is possible. When you receive bids with price discrepancies, it provides an opportunity for us to explain how and why we do things the way we do. Differences in bidders are often the result of an inconsistent set of specifications or a lack of specifications entirely. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone is offering the exact same product for different prices.

If it’s a smaller renovation, sure you can. With larger projects, it is much more costly to try to accommodate temporary living arrangements in the house during the renovation as every day a dedicated amount of time will be required to bring the project to a safe standard for the Owners.

Absolutely. Everything we do is in writing including Change Order Approvals, Selections and subsequent Schedule Delays. All written documentation is signed off by all parties for mutual protection.

No. Tarion warranty does not apply to renovations or custom homes built for the Owners for them to live in. We have registered with Tarion for individual projects in the past where the Owner was building a home on speculation to be sold upon completion. In these cases, both the builder and the Owner are required to be registered with Tarion and the subsequent security deposits (to be held for a minimum 2 years) are required to be paid as well.

Yes. Like all professional builders and subtrades, we carry full liability insurance for all projects we work on. We are also registered with WSIB and are in good standing.

Yes. We allow Owners to come to the site, but require them to adhere to the same safety standards as the workers on the site. We will provide hard hats and safety vests to Owners , but ask that small children and elderly people do not visit the site until such time as is appropriate. We understand that being able to watch your home being built is an exciting experience and we enhance it by providing daily site updates with photos so that you feel you are part of team.

Anyone that doesn’t provide references in this business doesn’t deserve another moment of your time. We have completed many renovations and new homes and would be glad to put you in touch with any of our clients.