Foremost Construction – Get Exactly What You Expect 

Why build your own custom home?  Summed up in a word: Comfort.  You’re not adapting to someone else’s space.  You determine the layout and size of the rooms so they correspond with your needs and furniture, the type of fixtures and finishing that are attainable within your budget, and have the opportunity to take advantage of new building materials and techniques that meet the most current building codes and energy efficient guidelines.  Your custom home is built to suit you and your family and you’re involved in every step.  Here’s our breakdown of the process: 



Phase 1: Design & Planning

During our initial meeting you’ll get a chance to interview us and we’ll get a chance to better understand what your vision is. If you are currently looking for a property to build on or a house to renovate, we can help you with an inspection and offer advice on suitability. If you have a designer or architect, we communicate with them from the beginning of the design process to ensure that your vision is applied and the building feasibility is maintained.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

This is the time to discuss the budget. We work on a fixed price or cost plus arrangement, depending on your preference and level of detail at the onset of the project. The advantage with a fixed price is that you know exactly what the overall cost of the project will be, provided that no change orders are requested. A cost-plus approach allows you to see exactly what is being spent for each line item and the pre-determined markup that will be charged for our services as a percentage of the construction costs. We’ll discuss specification options such as materials, techniques, landscaping and allowances of all the items you want to include in the project and once completed agree on a budget. A formal contract will be prepared and signed by both parties. Final drawings will be submitted to the local municipality for permits and approvals and any issues with the municipal building departments will be resolved. Once the building permits are issued then building start dates and schedules will be set.

Phase 3: Construction

Site preparation will commence with all Ministry of Labour notices and safety measures in place. Then we excavate, form and pour foundation walls, frame the floors, walls and roof, install windows and doors. You will review and make selections on items such as flooring, cabinets, electrical, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, media control, alarms, trim material, paint colours and more. During this process, Joseph Morra personally supervises the crew and sub-trades, ensuring that quality standards are being met and all work is being done as per your selection requests. We ensure that all required inspections and field reviews are completed and signed off before proceeding through the process. We adhere to strict safety standards and carry full WSIB and Insurance coverage to insulate you from liability. You’ll be invited to conduct regular site visits as often as you like as long as proper safety footing is worn on site (hard hats will be provided for you on site). We will provide you daily work logs and photos of the progress via e-mail and you’ll get a chance to address changes or concerns throughout this process. All these items can be followed via Foremost Construction Inc’s smartphone app or on your desktop computer by simply logging into our website with your provided access id.

Phase 4 : Handover

Construction of your home is complete, an occupancy certificate from the municipality has been granted and the home and the site have been cleaned. Together we’ll conduct a pre-occupany inspection and give you an orientation to the features of your home and how to properly maintain it to ensure your Home warranty stays valid. You will get the keys and are able to move in. We’ll sign off and leave you with a project binder that includes manuals, a room finishing chart, warranties and a list of emergency contact numbers.

Phase 5: Follow Up

Joseph Morra will follow up with you after 3 months, 6 months and 12 months conducting inspections of internal and external systems to make sure everything is working properly. If any items need to be rectified, they will be logged in the warranty section and will be looked after as soon as possible and will only be signed off once your approval is granted.